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Rene Avery


Hello, I am Rene. Welcome to my web site!

I studied and practiced for 20 years at a career at which I was very happy and successful. In 1985, I realized I didn't like the turn my career had taken. I became stressed and unhappy. My hair began to fall out, and my heart raced and grabbed in pain. I was ruining my health!

One morning, while driving to work, a thought raced through me, "You have to let go, or you will not be alive much longer"!

Shocked. . . I let go. Literally, I let everything go! I didn't know where I was going when I did this. I just knew I had to make a change. I wanted to be happy again. I got rid of everything that didn't bring me joy.

I kept my car, my camping equipment, and my dogs. And that's it!

I hit the road with no plans. Each moment was spontaneous, with the thought, "What do I want to experience?" I decided to "just experience" and "relax". Then I would go back to my career with new found energy! Right?

Wrong! The Universe had other plans for me.

There were days when I didn't speak to anyone. Yet, I felt happy and relaxed, and I never felt alone. I drove for great distances while in deep thought. I felt happiness in my "freedom".

After 3 months I asked myself, "What are you doing?" "Do you have a purpose for being in quiet and living in the moment?"

It came to me, "I have always wanted to know more about God. But who would teach me? Who REALLY knew the truth? My life choices began to follow this thought.

My driving continued. My thoughts became deeper and deeper. Incredible thoughts would come zinging through my mind. I had no conscious preparation for them. I would hold these in my mind for days.

One day, while driving on the freeway, I heard a deep, powerful, yet loving voice call my name three times. Then there was silence. The voice came from the back seat of my car.

Startled, I pulled to the side of the road, and was VERY relieved to see there was nobody there!

About two weeks later, I was visiting a friend. During the night, I heard the same deep, loving voice call my name three times. There was silence once again.

I said, with determination, "If you are of God you may stay, but if you are not, I demand that you go away!"

Since that night in 1988, I have been listening to that same loving voice. Listening. . . learning. . . and growing spiritually. I made myself a promise - if I was ever told an untruth, I would never listen again.

I am still listening today.

In 1991, I was told I would have people contacting me to ask questions about their lives and about God. I was to listen and repeat what I heard. God would send them to me, to help them find their way in life. I was not to judge - God loves everyone equally. I was told I didn't need to advertise, they would find me even if I was in a cave, as long as I stayed God-Centered.

Now, I share my gift with those who come asking "how to find their own pathway, how to find God, and how to live a joyful life".

So, I share my gift of hearing by giving personal readings for a little while longer, but I am told I will be led to do other work soon. So, come ask! What would you like to know?

I, also, offer you this web site, books, free blogs, and a Universal Calendar program - all from God Source. They are not my words, but what I hear.

By reading any of these, you experience what I experience every day of my life.

It gives me joy to have you visit and share your energy and love.

Blessings to you on your spiritual journey. May you find your own gifts and voice within!

With Love,


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